I was born in Barcelona in 1972 and I have had a diverse range of interests since a very young age. Some call me The Renaissance Man, but I guess I am just curious about many things in this life. Here are a few of the things that I have learned, created and shared throughout my journey:

Roman Martin

I believe life provides us with two beautiful challenges:

Attention and relationships are the basis of creating a great life.

Humans have a tremendous capacity for developing beautiful, loving and fulfilling relationships with others.

However, relationships by their very nature are complex. A failure to address these complexities results in conflict and unhappiness.

Theory of Attention will help you to understand how human relationships work and how they can be improved.

You can learn more about this fascinating theory in my book and through my training, courses, consultations and talks (online too) 

Our main purpose in life is to fulfil  our potential: to activate and maximize it, and become the best version of ourselves in order to get a sense of fulfilment and live the joyful life we deserve.

The best way to get the most from our  potential is by following the motto: Learn – Create – Share

  • Learn what is around us and  what we can learn  from others.
  • Create new things that were not there before.
  • Share  what we have learned and created with others.

A simple formula to get to know ourselves better and make those around us happier.




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We are a non-profit association (NGO) formed by a group of citizens of Barcelona, without any political affiliation, who simply want a city where we can live with a clean air.


I love to create. My work is about synthesizing, finding relations among opposite fields, seeing the connecting dots even when they seem poles apart: like the individual versus society, the tangible versus the unknown and transcendent, dogmatic thinking versus liberal, conscious versus unconscious, and reason versus irrational emotion. All of them evolve in the process of «thesis -> antithesis -> synthesis,» like it does in my art work.


Attention App

The Attention app will help you prioritize your relationships so that you can invest your time, energy, and trust in those who make you happy.

The attention we get from others allows us to grow, survive and become healthy and happy human beings, from childhood and throughout our adult lives. Without proper attention, no human relationship, no matter how strong, can survive for long.

The Theory of Attention proposes that our health, happiness, and wellbeing is directly related to the quantity and quality of attention we give to and receive from others. It provides scientific data and guidance to help you prioritize your relationships so that you can invest your time, energy, and trust in those who make you happy.

In other words, it is a theory that helps us pay attention to attention.

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