The Friendship Manifesto: Becoming a better friend.

Are you feeling isolated and disconnected in today’s digital world? You’re not alone.

But we can change that. By making building deep and meaningful friendships a social priority, we can create a more connected world.

That’s why I’ve distilled the best insights from chapter 14, titled “More Friends and Less Prozac,” into a comprehensive Manifesto.

Investing in friendships takes time and effort, but the rewards are worth it. The Friendship Manifesto provides the inspiration, guidance, and practical tips you need to build strong and meaningful friendships.

Below are the 33 principles that comprise it, organized into its 3 main categories: Build- Support-Nurture.

You can also download for free a beautifully designed PDF version.

Join us in the movement to prioritize human connection and build stronger friendships.


Print it out, share it with your friends, and keep it on your fridge as a daily reminder.

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The Friendship Manifesto is a comprehensive guide for you to follow a set of principles and rules that will build deep, valuable, and meaningful friendships. It is organized into three categories:

1.- BUILD: This category focuses on meeting new people and creating strong bonds. You’ll learn about the importance of diversity in friendships, how to treat everyone with respect, and why it’s essential to invest time and attention in your friends.

2.- SUPPORT: In this category, you’ll find guidance on how to be there for your friends in good times and bad. You’ll learn about the importance of being kind, generous, and reliable, and how to provide a sense of safety and comfort to your friends.

3.- NURTURE: You’ll discover principles that can help both you and your friends grow, find joy, and become better people by nurturing each other’s personal growth and supporting each other to become the best versions of yourselves.

By putting these principles into practice regularly, you’ll be able to build stronger and more meaningful friendships.

Here the 33 principles in the three categories:


  1.  Your friends enrich your life. Invest time in them.
  2.  Seek diversity: new, casual, good/close, best/intimate.
  3. Both weak and strong ties matter.
  4. Treat everyone with respect and kindness.
  5. Seek affinities. Create ties. Follow your gut.
  6. Choose wisely who to invest your time and energy in.   
  7. Create a bond. Make them feel valued and connected.
  8. Give attention first.
  9. Trust and be trustworthy. Act with integrity.
  10. Enjoy drinks, feasts, dancing, and hangovers.
  11. Have fun! Laugh.


  1. Be there in joy and sorrow.
  2. Provide a safety net. Be reliable.
  3. Listen deeply. Be empathic. Help and comfort.
  4. Don´t judge. Understand.  
  5. Be present. Put your phone away.
  6. Foster intimacy. Flow. Connect.
  7. Share challenges, struggles and regrets.
  8. Be vulnerable. Maintain confidentiality.
  9. Support each other. Prevent downward spirals.
  10. Share passions and voice concerns.
  11. Expect some disappointments. Forgive and keep giving.
  12.  Show you care with words and actions


  1. Stay in touch. Call. Plan for quality time.
  2. Be happy. Give energy and joy. Nurture wellbeing.
  3. Show affection. Hug, pat, and cheer each other on.
  4. Be generous. Don´t expect reciprocity.
  5. Talk. Share info and insights.
  6. Be curious. Support goals. Celebrate achievements!
  7. Value and express admiration.
  8. Leave space for growth. Offer guidance only when asked.
  9. Inspire your friends to become smarter, stronger, braver.
  10. Show appreciation. Be grateful.

With reflection, a positive attitude, and action, you can create a more connected and fulfilling life

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