Master the art of attention

In today’s world, it can be challenging to build deep and meaningful relationships. Distractions are everywhere, and it’s easy to feel disconnected and lonely. That’s where “Attention Reframed” comes in.

This book provides a concise yet comprehensive framework for understanding and enhancing all your relationships, whether with friends, colleagues, family members, community, or loved ones.

By mastering the art of attention, you can cultivate trust, commitment, and joy within all your social interactions. With practical tools based on solid neuroscience, “Attention Reframed” is a must-read for anyone who wants to build stronger, healthier relationships and lead a more fulfilling life.

Attention Reframed

Hessam Sadat-Tehari Art Collector, California

“You have no idea how much this book has helped me! The concept of the Ladder of Attention to understanding people and learning how to deal with them to heal myself has been a transformative experience for me. I am so much lighter and freer! Thank you so much.”

Verne Harnish Founder of EO, Colorado

"Attention is the main currency of relationships! As a leader, parent and significant other, by mastering the art of attention you can cultivate a highly effective culture and strengthen the relationships that are crucial to your success.  This is a must read!!"

Ana de Abadal Spain

"Just reading chapters 1, 7, and 8 made this book truly worthwhile for me. As a working mother and wife with a teen and a kid, having a framework on how to approach each relationship has positively changed my perspective. I now have a better understanding and am able to avoid deep conflicts with anyone."

Jonathan Wade California

"This book offers practical tools for improvement based on solid neuroscience, not just subjective opinions. It has the potential to reshape the way we approach interpersonal relationships, making us better people. Personally, I can confidently say that Roman's work has reshaped my approach to relationships, and I believe I am a better person for it. ¡Gracias!"

Mike Barr Entrepreneur, Maryland

“This book found me as I was separating from my wife and many of my family and friend relationships were changing as a result. At that moment, the concept of the Friendship Pyramid was particularly clarifying for me, helping me to better focus on my most important relationships and deepen those connections."

Ana Fernandez Executive, Spain

"Thanks to the ideas of trust that I have learned thru Roman´s book, I have a much better understanding of how I can make my executive team more cohesive and engaged"

David Schnurman Author, New York

"I have long followed the concept that there are only two things you can control in life: how you think and how you feel. Attention Reframed opened my eyes to Attention 2.0, highlighting a third crucial area I can control - the attention I give to others. Since reading it, I've noticed improvements in my focus, relationships, and overall well-being. I highly recommend this book!"

Jeffrey Kaftan CEO, Michigan

"Roman Martin's book "Attention Reframed" taught me how to cultivate and maintain meaningful relationships. The Friendship Manifesto resonated with me deeply and helped me become more grateful, empathetic, and intentional about nurturing my relationships. Highly recommended for those struggling with maintaining meaningful connections."

    David Rich Coach, New York

    "“Attention Reframed” offers eye-opening insights into the complex interplay between our brain chemistry, emotions, and social interactions, and how social media, influences our connections with others. This book´s practical frameworks, like the Ladder of Attention, or deeply understanding Respect and Trust, make it a thought-provoking and transformative must-read!"

    Robert Maxim Consultant, Romania

    "This engaging and thought-provoking book provides a comprehensive framework for understanding and improving relationships. Clear neuroscience explanations make complex concepts easy to grasp. Highly recommended for those seeking to deepen their knowledge of social interaction science and apply practical strategies to strengthen connections with others."

    Steve Davis Director, Spain

    "Our “always on” world creates an endless stream of distractions. Creating deep connections with others has never been harder. Attention Reframed masterfully tackles these challenges and gives us the practical tools we need to build relationships that create a meaningful and happy life. A must read!"

    Eva Duran CEO, Spain

    "This book ignited a profound passion for delving into human behavior. Furthermore, it presented a structured and clear approach to understanding human relationships, which has been invaluable in all my interactions."

    Sara Lazaro Therapist, Spain

    "I believed I understood attention, but this book opened my eyes to the significant impact of proper attention given to others on their wellbeing and our own. I enjoyed it immensely and have incorporated the Ladder of Attention into my coaching sessions. My gratitude goes to Roman Martin for sharing such valuable wisdom with us."


      What you will learn in Attention Reframed

      • Why we crave attention… and why we might be willing to die for it.
      • Why some people energize you while others drain you.
      • Why social media can lead to loneliness and depression.
      • Why, contrary to popular belief, family or a romantic partner alone is not enough to have a fulfilling life.
      • The essentials to making good lasting friends. And the Friendship Manifesto.
      • The 8 steps to develop real trust with others both in the workplace and outside of it.
      • How, counterintuitively, ethics may distort a happy relationship.
      • Why we fall madly in love, and when it may be a bad idea.
      • What practical love really is (not how songs and movies portray it).
      • How refocusing and reframing your attention leads us to connect with others and improve our wellbeing.

      What other readers are saying

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      Alden Mills

      Navy Seal & Speaker, California

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      John Keagy

      Climber, Utah

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      Rob Käll

      Entrepreneur, Miami

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      Who is this book intended for?

      • Anyone that wants to improve and increase their group of friends and family
      • Parents raising children who want to learn the best ways of providing love and care.
      • Couples who need to have a clearer understanding of each other, and strengthen their loving relationship.
      • Lonely people who would like to widen their social network.
      • Teenagers and families that would benefit from starting, or re-starting, to navigate their way into good, healthy relationships.
      • CEOs and entrepreneurs for whom engaging with, and managing, a team is a necessity.
      • Those in sales and marketing who desire to create a relationship of trust with customers.
      • Professionals in the field of psychology and therapy, who can obtain a useful grounding in neuroscience to assist with the evaluation of their clients’ problems. The book will help them assess another person’s pyramid of attention, and look at the consequences it may be having on their wellbeing.

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      What academics are saying

      “Attention is one of the most important cognitive operations in the brain, playing a primary evolutionary function for social interactions and bonding. Roman´s Theory of Attention point out a fascinating perspective no one had seen before, opening a new field of exploration in Neuroscience.”                                                                       

      Cristina Vila PhD in Neuroscience
      University of Barcelona, Spain

      “Attention Reframed is a fascinating exploration of attention, the seed of all our relationships. The Attention Ladder that Roman provides in the book offers us all a new and much needed perspective for any counsellor.”                                                                                              

      Philippa Thomson Author and researcher in psychology and medicine
      Edinburgh, UK

      "The brilliance of this book lies in bringing the concept of attention to the forefront, as a fundamental ingredient for building healthy, nurturing human systems and relationships. Exploring attention within an interpersonal framework is, in my view, not only important but absolutely essential for understanding human behaviour and wellbeing."

      Dimitra Doumpioti Psychotherapy/Systemic relational therapy trainer Barcelona, Spain

        12 main takeaways from the book

        1. Attention plays a crucial role in human development, well-being, and relationships, shaping our lives from childhood to adulthood
        2. Our brain chemistry and neurology intricately regulate attention, social interactions, and emotions, impacting how we relate to others.
        3. The modern technological landscape, particularly social media, influences the attention we give to ourselves and others, affecting relationship quality.
        4. The Theory of Attention and the Ladder of Attention provide valuable frameworks for understanding, evaluating, and improving our relationships.
        5. Cultivating a diverse social network ensures emotional support, promotes personal growth, and fosters a well-rounded social experience.
        6. Time, energy, and trust are our most sacred resources for attention and relationships, requiring careful investment to build strong connections.
        1. Respect is a fundamental component for strong and healthy relationships, surpassing tolerance in importance for social cohesion and harmony
        2. Balancing admiration and critical thinking help prevent envy and jealousy, fostering self-improvement and social learning through positive emulation.
        3. Friendships are dynamic, evolving relationships influenced by trust, communication, and shared interests, requiring mindful attention and resource investment for healthier, more fulfilling connections.
        4. With the Friendship Manifesto and the Friendship Pyramid, learn to nurture friendships through shared experiences, vulnerability, and empathy, focusing on giving, gratitude, and mindful investment in connections.
        5. Love takes multiple forms, including nurturing and responsibility, shaping romantic, parental, and compassionate relationships.
        6. Embracing mindful attention, life appreciation, and self-love fosters healthier, happier, and more fulfilling connections.

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        About the author

        Roman Martin was born in 1972 in Barcelona, Spain, and is known as a Renaissance Man due to his diverse educational background in fields such as Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, Neuroscience, Mathematics, and Art.

        Throughout his career, Roman has demonstrated his versatility and creativity across multiple fields. As an entrepreneur, he has successfully launched multiple technology businesses and established non-profit organizations aimed at reducing pollution in urban areas. Additionally, he pursues his love for art as a large-scale, multi-media sculptor whenever he has the time. Alongside all of these achievements, Roman is also an accomplished author.

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