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By Roman Martin

«Pay Attention to the Attention You Pay to Others.»


Attention: Track Relationships

Pay attention and take care of who really matters.

Prioritize your contacts, group them by affinity and stay in touch.

With this app, you will have the chance to prioritize the different levels of attention you give others, and form deeper and more meaningful relationships with those that matter the most:

1.- Discover the 6 levels of positive attention you give to others

2.- Prioritize your most important relationships

3.- Set reminders to help you stay in touch regularly

4.- Group your personal network by common affinities

The 6 positive Levels of Attention (and usual type of relationships) within the framework are :
  • Love: those who you feel a strong bond of unity with and a sense of responsibility towards nurturing their wellbeing (spouse/partner, family and/or closest intimate friends).

  • Affection: those whose wellbeing affects you and who you rely on for mutual emotional, psychological, and/or financial support (family and best friends).


  • Esteem: those who you trust and whose company you enjoy, proactively making an effort to meet with or show interest in their wellbeing (family and close friends).


  • Appreciation: those whose company you enjoy if you happen to see them, and who you maintain a degree of trust with (family and casual friends).


  • Admiration: those who have something you need or desire for your comfort, procreation or happiness, and in whose performance you trust (members of your professional network, colleagues, and acquaintances).


  • Respect: those who you believe are part of «your group» and who are worthy of regard and consideration (members of your community and your society).


«Absolutely love it…Something I’ve been wishing for, for a long time. I felt that I’ve lost all my relationships with my family and friends. Now I have them back in a more meaningful way. Thank you!»

Melany Smith

Assistant In Chief


The Levels of Attention are based on the resources of Time, Energy and Trust that you invest in each relationship. By understanding these resources, you can get a better understanding as to why certain levels of the ladder are higher than others and how you can prioritize your levels of attention accordingly.

To find out more about correctly classifying your relationships, you may want to read the book this app is based on: «Theory of Attention» by Roman Martin.

Theory of Attention

The book that will help you to understand how human relationships work and how they can be improved.


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