Román Working


My work is about synthesizing, finding relations among opposite fields, seeing the connecting dots even when they seem poles apart:  Like the individual versus society, the tangible versus the unknown and transcendent, dogmatic thinking versus liberal, conscious versus unconscious, and reason versus irrational emotion.  All of them evolve in the process of “thesis -> antithesis -> synthesis,” like it does in my art work.

Starting from a concept, I develop an idea through language: first verbal, then in images, and finally materialized in space and volume. Ideas jump from one stage to the other eluding rational explanation, in small leaps of faith.

My work analyzes the human face and the body’s motion. They still are, for me, a great unknown; parts of our nature yet to be revealed, a puzzle that I enjoy learning about, an introspective and “outrospective” journey that my work attempts to integrate.

I am influenced by both classical figures like Michelangelo and Giambologna, and from those who began their transformation as Giacometti, Brancusi and Moore, and as well by other great artists of space as Calder, Goldsworthy and Kapoor.

I develop my artistic research work thru video and sculpture, but without being limited to any particular material. Controlling and working in space and its elements of limits and tensions is what drives me to create.

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