Fertile is the power, the potential of the simple.

This sculpture is based on the simplicity of the organic form of a leaf. A single leaf, a single nerve, which are not intended to be pretentious. Curved, as timid before the rest of the world, or perhaps inclined with respect to others, to those who come to see them.

However, these leaves are intertwined, stemmed, joining with each other to grow higher, stronger one with another. And their firmness is not to be inflexible. They may be left rocked by the wind or a gentle hand to play with them; knowing, nonetheless, that they have the joint force that nothing can make them fail.

Fertile is also a sculpture of communication between opposites.

The straight walls, perfect, generators and worshipers of the straight line, unimpeded, contrasts with the sinuous curves and light of Fertile.

It´s masculinity versus Fertile´s femininity with its woman’s curves. It´s the line versus the organic, the natural versus the artificial, man´s development versus nature’s creation, the dogmatic thinking versus liberal thought. The reality that life is not a straight line, but is full of turnarounds.

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