About me

I love to create. And these are the 3 areas I love to create things:

1.- Companies:

I like to invest in innovating companies with a tech/Internet side. Help them on an early stage with Seed Capital and provide them my Know-How (on having started more than 7 companies).

2.- Sculpture:

My work is about synthesizing, finding relations among opposite fields, seeing the connecting dots even when they seem poles apart: Like the individual versus society, the tangible versus the unknown and transcendent, dogmatic thinking versus liberal, conscious versus unconscious, and reason versus irrational emotion. All of them evolve in the process of «thesis -> antithesis -> synthesis,» like it does in my art work.

3.- Theories:

My theories are the resource for giving a mission to my businesses as well as to my life. They’re the seed of my inspiration for sculpting, and an ever learning journey.

Some of my work

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